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Mention “healthy food” and a multitude of ideas would instantly conjure in the minds of many. Some would perceive health food as raw and tasteless; others may assume eating healthy as eating organically grown or farmed foods per se.

But worry not, the above myths will be dispelled because at Moo Cow, we believe that there’s always a sweet and fun dimension to healthy eating habit and our resident nutritionist, Siti Maria™ will reveal to you the goodness of our frozen yoghurt and why it should be part of your daily diet.

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Health has never been this delicious, until Moo Cow came into the scene! Since 2011, Moo Cow has been serving Malaysia’s health conscious dessert aficionados with tasty frozen yogurts. Moo Cow distinct frozen yogurts are freshly churned from natural ingredients and flavours, coupled with detailed R&D process to ensure that only the best frozen yogurts of high quality will delight Moo Cow lovers’ taste buds. Also, be tempted by the array of seasonal flavours and our bestseller flavour, which has long remained a favourite among Moo Cow lovers.

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At Moo Cow, frozen yoghurts are made and meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, possible. Thus, we have created so many flavours for you to choose from, with some of them are unique to Moo Cow.

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Ingredients and flavours aside, what makes Moo Cow’s creamy indulgence so tasty that any first timer would certainly ask for seconds again and again? Well, the answer lies in Moo Ville itself, where everyone plays their part in imparting frozen yogurts that aren’t just good in taste and texture, but also good for your wellbeing.

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